What is a Use Permit?

Use Permits and California Liquor Licenses

A Use Permit is a discretionary permit approved by a local municipality that allows a business to operate within a specific zoning region or district.  The Use Permit exists to protect the community from businesses that may be undesirable or detrimental to the community itself.  Conditions of a Use Permit are typically intended to mitigate potential concerns from existing businesses and neighbors within the vicinity of the proposed license.

For example, a bar, tavern, or liquor store may be required to limit their hours of operation if they are located close to residential neighbors.  Factors such as law enforcement and proximity to schools, churches, parks, and playgrounds may weigh into the decision of a zoning commission prior to granting or denying a Use Permit.  Depending upon local ordinance requirements, public hearings could be held with advance notice sent out to property owners near the proposed site of the new license.

Our experience with zoning/planning commissions along with our network of entitlement experts within many of the major municipalities in California give you a definite edge when applying for a Use Permit.

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