In addition to obtaining a California Liquor License, your business will be required to apply for a Use Permit within the city it is located.  This process, in and of itself, can be extremely difficult depending upon your situation, your type of business, your building, and a number of other factors that often require experienced assistance.

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Use Permits and California Liquor Licenses

A Use Permit is a discretionary permit approved by a local municipality that allows a business to operate within a specific zoning region or district. The Use Permit exists to protect the community from businesses that may be undesirable or detrimental to the community itself. Conditions of a Use Permit are typically intended to mitigate potential concerns from existing businesses and neighbors within the vicinity of the proposed license.

For example, a bar, tavern, or liquor store may be required to limit their hours of operation if they are located close to residential neighbors. Factors such as law enforcement and proximity to schools, churches, parks, and playgrounds may weigh into the decision of a zoning commission prior to granting or denying a Use Permit. Depending upon local ordinance requirements, public hearings could be held with advance notice sent out to property owners near the proposed site of the new license.

Our experience with zoning/planning commissions along with our network of entitlement experts within many of the major municipalities in California give you a definite edge when applying for a Use Permit.

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Use Permit Applications and CA Liquor Licenses

When you are looking to open a new business, it may be necessary for you to obtain a Use Permit from the city. Very often, new business owners are completely unaware that a Use Permit is required before they can begin operations. Depending upon the city, the process for securing a Use Permit can be very complicated. You could be asked for items such as:

  • Architectual design plans
  • Title Reports
  • Grading plans
  • Overall business plan

If you are attempting to construct or remodel a location, the qualifications will typically be more stringent than if you are using an existing building. You will also find that larger cities may be more difficult to work with than smaller ones. Costs will also vary from city to city.

For a business owner who has never been through this process, putting together the proper package for the city can be overwhelming. Submitting an incorrect or incomplete package to the planning or zoning commission could result in lengthy delays which could cost substantial time and money. However, working with an experienced partner such as Alcohol Beverage Consulting Service gives you clear advantages. Because we have helped hundreds of companies to obtain Use Permits and California Liquor Licenses, we have networked ourselves within the framework of most municipalities. We have also developed a network of local entitlement experts to assist us when needed. Not only do we know who to talk to, but we also know the proper questions to ask in order to discover if there are unforeseen challenges ahead for your type of business. This helps us to avoid surprises along the way that would normally become a problem for you.

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Use Permits | Zoning | Liquor Licenses

Local zoning determines if a proposed type of business can be established at a particular location. Many cities have adopted zoning ordinances which dictate where property uses such as residential, commercial, and manufacturing may occur. Most businesses that require California Liquor Licenses such as liquor stores, restaurants, and grocery stores will be limited to commercial zones or districts. Therefore, it is imperative for a new business applicant to check the zoning ordinances carefully prior to selecting a location. In addition, many cities require a secondary screening processes such as Use Permits.

As a client of Alcoholic Beverage Consulting Service, we investigate your proposed location and determine if there are specific zoning issues or additional steps within the approval process that must be taken prior to being able to open your business. If so, we are able to assist you in navigating the approval process and, in doing so, save you time, hassle, and stress.

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Use Permits | California Liquor Licenses

In an effort to assist clients in obtaining a Use Permit in conjunction with their California Liquor License we follow these steps:

  • Contact the city and notify them of the proposed location to determine zoning requirements
  • If a Use Permit is required, we acquire the proper application
  • We research the fees and the expected length of time for processing (this can often be months)
  • We talk with the appropriate planning department to gather information that could prove critical in getting your permit approved in a timely manner
  • We discover if your type of business has had difficulty in the past being approved

The bottom line is that we help you to uncover any unexpected or potential hurdles and then address those challenges with the appropriate city officials on your behalf. Our experience enables you to navigate this processes more efficiently and expeditiously.

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