There are two types of Liquor License protests:  Public Official and Private Citizen.

Most commonly, public official protests are law enforcement, school officials, and city officials.  Private citizen protests tend to be neighbors, business competitors, religious leaders/organizations, or organized activists.

With public officials, often you can meet with the official and agree upon conditions of approval for your alcohol license.  When this is accomplished, it usually can lead to the withdrawal of the protest.  However, if a common ground can not be reached, then the ABC will need to decide the ultimate fate of the protest and license application.

Resolving a private citizen protest, however, will typically depend upon the motivation of the person or organization lodging the protest.  Our first step in getting you through this process will be to discover the reason for the objection and determine whether or not mitigating conditions for approval will be attainable.

Our experience with this type of action will help you to achieve resolution as expeditiously as possible.

Please view the video below for more information: