Retail alcoholic beverage licenses are strictly controlled in California, so it helps to have someone to help you with the transfer. This is where a Liquor License Consultant comes in. They can help you to navigate the tricky and sometimes confusing path of transferring a license.

Before beginning the license transfer process, you should have an expert review the underlying sales purchase agreement to avoid any conflict with the ABC Act. It does not matter if the agreement specifies or not, the transfer of the retail beverage license is subject to approval by the ABC. It is strongly recommended that you include this type of language in the agreement. A Liquor License Consultant would be able to help you to word your agreement in such a way that it meets this recommendation. You will need to specify if you are transferring the license from one location to another, known as a “premises to premises” transfer. When the license is transferred from one person or entity to another person or entity it is called “person to person” transfer.

The basic requirements to do the transfer are as follows: sign the ABC form ABC 211-A License Transfer Request, open an escrow for every license to be transferred and complete the ABC form ABC 227-A Notice of Intended Transfer (often completed by the escrow company) A Liquor License Consultant can help you to navigate the mountain of paperwork related to this type of transfer and update you on any new changes.

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