The Impact of a Protest on Your California Liquor License

If your application for a California Liquor License has been protested, the initial impact is that it will at least double the time required to get your application approved.  Typically, non-protested applications can be approved in as little as 90 days, but plan on six months or longer if a protest is filed.

It is critical to take the proper steps in resolving your protested application.  You must understand the type of protest filed and follow the appropriate course of action to move your case forward and avoid long delays.

Having an experienced advocate in your corner such as Alcoholic Beverage Consulting Service will assure you that your protested case is processed properly.  We work hard to get you to the point of an Interim Operating Permit (Interim Retail Permit).  This is an important milestone as it allows your business to operate during the appeals process.  However, this Interim Operating Permit is only possible when the ABC is recommending an approval of your liquor license.  Therefore, it becomes crucial to work diligently with the Licensing Representative who will ultimately determine if your case is worthy of an approval recommendation.

Alcoholic Beverage Consulting Service has years of experience dealing with protested applications and we are your advocate!

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  • <strong>Amy Bergrud</strong>, Director of Finance, Malibu Estate/Surfrider, Sunset Marquis Hotel

    “ABC Consulting is a pleasure to work with... Mike and Rhonda are experts in their field and have helped us to get ABC licenses for our multiple locations."

    - Amy Bergrud, Director of Finance, Malibu Estate/Surfrider, Sunset Marquis Hotel
  • <strong>Harald Herrmann</strong>, President/CEO, Yard House Restaurants

    “The Alcoholic Beverage Consulting Service team have been instrumental in support of the growth and success of Yard House over the past 5 years.”

    - Harald Herrmann, President/CEO, Yard House Restaurants
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    "Your group provides me with right balance of what is important in picking a local counsel/consultant."

    - Neal Pekala, Director of Legal Services, Hyatt Hotels
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    “I have been working with Mike Brewer and his team for over 16 years and find everyone consistently responsive, reliable and willing to go above and beyond."

    - Dianne Scott, Director of Corporate Relations, BJ’s Restaurants, Inc.
  • <strong>John Maino</strong>, President, Ironfire Brewing Company

    “Alcoholic Beverage Consulting relieved all the stress of filling out and filing of our alcohol licenses with the ABC and TTB, allowing us to focus on what we do best."

    - John Maino, President, Ironfire Brewing Company