The Implications of a Tax Hold
on a California Liquor License

What is a tax hold and what are the implications on a California liquor license when you are attempting to buy or sell?

Tax holds are very common and typically occur when a business has outstanding sales and use tax or employment tax liabilities. ABC Service has valuable experience solving issues with tax holds and can assist both the buyer and seller when delinquent taxes are threatening a liquor license transfer.

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Resolving a Tax Hold
on a California Liquor License

A tax hold on a California liquor license should be taken very seriously. A liquor license encumbered by a tax hold could be suspended until all taxes are paid. In addition, the license could be seized.

When transferring a liquor license with a tax hold, the taxes must be made current. Negotiating this process effectively is very important for a successful transaction and satisfaction of not only the parties involved, but the taxing agency as well. ABC Service has a great deal of experience with this type of situation and can assist you to solve it.

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