A temporary liquor license is common when a business is being purchased and the seller currently owns a liquor license. The ABC may grant a temporary license to the new buyer which allows the buyer to maintain operations during the transitional process.

It is important to know that a temporary license is not an option for a new business. It can only be obtained when an existing business is being sold to a new owner.

A few highlights of the temporary liquor license include:

  • The business must already have a license in place and the business must have been open and operating within the last 30 days.  If the business has been closed for more than 30 days you can not get a temporary license.
  • You will be on COD for all alcoholic beverage orders.  You can not buy the alcohol on credit with a temporary license.
  • The fee is only $100 but the permit is only good for 120 days.

The video below will provide you with more information.  Contact our office if you have questions or need assistance.