Unfortunately, ABC may deny the renewal of an existing Liquor License if renewal is not received. This is the case even if you did not receive a renewal notice from ABC. All licenses may be renewed by paying the required renewal fee before the license expires.

If your license does expire, you may legally operate for an additional 60 days during which time the license may be renewed by paying the renewal fee and a 50% penalty.  If the renewal fee and any penalty fees have not been paid within 60 days of the expiration of a license, the license is canceled and you may not exercise any privileges on the license.

You do have an additional 30 days in which to reactivate the license by paying the renewal fee and a 100% penalty.  If the penalty and renewal fee are not paid by the end of the 30th day following cancellation, the license is revoked.  (Section 24048)

Otherwise, every license now in effect (other than temporary retail permits and special daily licenses) is renewable unless such license has been revoked after hearing on an accusation. (Section 24048).

The best approach to avoiding penalty fees and denial is to contact ABC immediately if you did not receive your renewal in a timely manner.


For more information, please visit www.abc.ca.gov/.